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Christine Hodder

Christine Hodder, Principal

CHC Hotel Consultancy is a strategic hotel consultancy offering bespoke management solutions that enable you to get the optimum value of your asset in a dynamic marketplace.

Whether you are an owner looking to open or relaunch a property, or a management company committed to improving your operational efficiencies and harnessing sales acceleration technologies to attract, retain guests and increase revenues, we are here to help.

Today the hotel and resort landscape is at its most vital and attractive. We are faced with an explosion of new markets and investment opportunities. An upward trend in business and leisure travel. The desire for more unique, inspiring travel experiences. The question is – are you in a position to make the most of this extraordinary situation?

I had the good fortune to work closely with Christine through the opening of our hotel The Puli Hotel & Spa Shanghai. A difficult opening which Christine proved exceptionally diligent and highly resourceful. With Christine at the helm of CHC Hotel Consultancy I would not hesitate to recommend to future clients that they would receive professional service in whatever remit is required.

John G LaingManaging Director, Urban Resort Concepts

“Christine was the instigator of us securing a contract with The Stafford Hotel. It was for us a definite privilege working with Christine and her team during the set up period. The migration details are extremely sensitive where critical times lines need to be met. The working relationship between Preferred and the Hotel during this time was more than professional leading to a successful transition of the hotel into the “Preferred “family. ”

John UeberrothExecutive Chairman, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

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