Is your hotel ready to take on the challenges of a changing world ?

 Anyone involved in the business of hotels knows how deeply the hotel sector has been changed by the events of 2020 . But while we remain in the midst of a pandemic, there are clear signs of hope … and opportunity.

The most nimble and flexible hotel operators are busy discovering brand new markets and fresh revenue streams. Astute hotel companies and family run businesses not only seek to overhaul their cost base, they are and will consider re-engineering their business from top to bottom. The era, and evolving lifestyles, needs of guests and environmental changes demand it.

CHC Hotel Consultancy is here to offer global corporate and independent hotels and resorts advisory and short-term management solutions to unlock damage and instil resilience to regrow in the COVID-era. We work with asset owners, asset managers and investors to successfully navigate the challenges of a new reality.

We draw from 30 years international and domestic experience including in depth knowledge of the Far East, Asia Pacific and China markets. Within an industry of ever changing paradigms, our sole objective is to support your investment.

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Sales and Marketing

In this age of heightened competition, hyper connectivity and transparency – where reputations rise or tilt on the basis of what your clients say about you, especially on social media — never before has it been so important to have the right marketing strategies and brand positioning.

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The hotels and resorts that succeed in the world’s largest and most dynamic industry are notable for their maximum efficiencies, where each department or unit functions as part of a cohesive, tightly-run, profit-making operation

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Management Solutions 

One of the key management challenges facing hotel businesses today is how to find leaders who possess the innate guest focus of the true hotelier and the successful hotel manager’s savvy and determination to run a smooth and profitable business.

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